Clinical Studies

Made Differently, Comparable Efficacy1

Made using cell culture technology. As efficacious as a traditionally manufactured egg-based flu vaccine.

FLUCELVAX® (Influenza Vaccine) demonstrated noninferiority to traditional egg-based vaccines.

Noninferiority was shown for hemagglutination-inhibition antibody responses to all 3 strains for both postvaccination geometric mean titer ratios and seroconversion rates.

FLUCELVAX® studied in 7 controlled, international clinical trials.1

FLUCELVAX® was tested for efficacy in addition to immunogenecity.1

Efficacy was assessed by the prevention of culture-confirmed influenza vs placebo.

FLUCELVAX® demonstrated1:

FLUCELVAX® dremonstrated results

More than 5,100 participants received FLUCELVAX® in these studies.1

Important Safety Information


Warnings & Precautions

Most Common Adverse Reactions

Please see accompanying US Full Prescribing Information for FLUCELVAX®.


  1. FLUCELVAX® (package insert). Cambridge, MA.